The work by Jesús Pedraza Villaba (Córdoba, Spain 1978) has always been rather critical with his own context. With a sharp eye he points out every little detail which might be invisible for us.  Through his oeuvre he analyzes and revises subjects that might seem very specific but which in a closer look lead us to universal conecerns, which then the artist unfolds under the shape of very complex projects which usually take years to develop (One never-ending yesterday…, Colección La caixa de Arte Contemporáneo…) History has also a crucial presence in his work, in the way it influences and helps him to understand our society, and more specifically Jesús is particularly interested in knowing our past well in order to understand better this very complicated present.

Quite often the artists decides to change or eliminate what we have just in front of our very eyes just to reveal, through a very delicate and effective procces, what remains hidden. His work has evolved through paths that lead to the image disappearing, to its substitution by a mark that speaks of the past, which evokes something that was and no longer is.